Spokane Jail Register 1900

In January 1900 Spokane was a disorderly place full of drunken and disorderly people. At least that’s what it looks like according to the Jail records. In the first week of January in the year 1900 there was an astonishing number of people arrested for drunkenness. A full page of the county register was taken up by these people within the first eight days of the month, meaning around 40 people were arrested for this reason. A quick glance at the list of names shows no name repeats so at least the same person wasn’t out getting drunk in public multiple days during the week.

The first of January had a higher number of arrests than the other days during that first week. Perhaps these men, and yes they were all men, were just out celebrating the new year as many of us still do to this day? The first two men, T. P. Klein and John Jackson, were arrested within the first hour of the new century, so we can almost say for certain they had been out celebrating. Perhaps the rest of the men on that first day were having an extended celebration or maybe this was a normal week for them, we will never know for sure.

Partial page of register

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